Yoga with me is about exploring movement that feels nourishing, and finding support and ease both on and off the mat. We don’t practise so we can get better at yoga. We practise so we can move and feel better whatever we’re doing. That’s Yoga for Life.


Yoga can help us move better in our daily life. Fancy poses may look great on social media, but impressive does not always equal useful. Functional movement includes twisting, bending and reaching “well” so we can live our lives without unnecessary pain and discomfort.


Paying attention to what we feel, rather than how our bodies look, will guide us towards functional movement. By practising how to notice sensations, we can keep ourselves safe, discover the pleasure of subtle movement, and learn to bring the same awareness to our whole life.


Attention is the antidote to injury. A functional and experiential approach means we can practise safely without hurting ourselves. If our bones, muscles and joints are all doing what they’re meant to, no more and no less, then we can keep moving with joy no matter our age.

To do all that, we need to slow down. So we stay away from super-fast-paced sequences. We don’t set sweating as our goal. We never want to lose that connection with what’s going on for us internally, even when our muscles are working hard or the effort changes the way we’re breathing.

I’m a member of the Independent Yoga Network.

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